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Our Breeders(NFS)

We've hand-selected these beautiful breeders. They will continue to strengthen the health, color and genetics of the babies we produce.

Our Breeders: Males


Male - Hypo Translucent leatherback 

Spitfire is our handsome Hypo Translucent Leatherback male. His color is a very nice deep red. He's been paired with RB. Spitfire is a 2nd generation Midwest Dragons production.  Mini Rukia x Chrono clutch 2018.



Female - Hypo het Trans Dunner

RB is our beautiful Hypo het Translucent Dunner female.  She has been paired with Spitfire. RB was produced by Extreme Dragons AZ. 

Micro Rukia 

Female - Translucent het Hypo

Micro Rukia was produced here as our 3rd generation. She is Translucent het Hypo. Tiny Rukia x Red Magnus clutch 2020. She was paired with OF and produced our 4th generation. 



Male - Hypo het Translucent 

OF is the newest member to our Midwest Dragons family! Hypo het Translucent male. He was paired with Micro Rukia. He was produced by Excalibur Dragons.


Female - double het Hypo/Trans

DB is our future breeder female.  She is a 3rd generation Midwest Dragons production from Tiny Rukia x Red Magnus. She is a nice dark red double het for hypo and translucent.  She will breed for us in 2023. 

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