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Our Breeders-Not for Sale! 

Our Breeders: Males


Spitfire is our handsome Hypo Translucent Leatherback male. His color is a very nice deep red. He's been paired with RB. Spitfire is a 2nd generation Midwest Dragons production.  Mini Rukia x Chrono clutch 2018.



RB is our beautiful Hypo het Translucent Dunner female.  She has been paired with Spitfire. RB was produced by Extreme Dragons AZ. 

Micro Rukia 

Micro Rukia was produced here as our 3rd generation. She is Translucent het Hypo. Tiny Rukia x Red Magnus clutch 2020. She was paired with OF and produced our 4th generation. 



OF is our hypo het Translucent male. He was paired with Micro Rukia and created our 4th generation. He was produced by Excalibur Dragons.


DB is our future breeder female.  She is a 3rd generation Midwest Dragons production from Tiny Rukia x Red Magnus. She is a nice dark red double het for hypo and translucent.  She will breed for us in 2023. 


Translucent Male

This boy is the newest member of the dragon family here at Midwest Dragons! He will be paired with DB. He was produced by Extreme Dragons AZ. We are still picking the perfect name for him! 


Rowena is our beautiful hypo leatherback dunner het translucent.  She is a RB and Spitfire babe. She will breed for us late 2023/early 2024. 

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