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The Future is bright!

Kenyan Sand Boas 

We will have two pairings of Kenyan Sand Boas. Our male, Galaxy, is an albino paradox(first photo, in shed). Nova, is our albino paradox strip female(bottom photo). Onix, is our anery female. 


Albino Knight Anoles 

Our newest project, Knight Anoles! We have an albino female and 100% het albino male. They should be ready to breed early 2024. 

Giant Blue Beauty Anoles

Another new project here at, Midwest Dragons,  giant blue beauty anoles. We plan to eventually cross breed with our albino pair, creating albino blue beauty anoles 🤞


Rankins Dragons 

This is our pair of Rankins dragons. We are going to focus on increasing the red coloring in our line of Rankins dragons. 

Future Breeding Projects: Future Breeding Projects
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